Deliver DME equipment

Improve Efficiency.
Gain Visibility & Insight.
Cut Costs.

  • Paperless order fulfillment in the field
  • Product maintenance tracking
  • Flexible customer contract management utility
  • Order management with dispatch integration
  • Customer portal for order creation, tracking, reports and more
  • Easy and fast purchasing, receiving and asset tagging
  • Effectively measure warehouse and technician performance
  • Facility portal
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  • White Label System

    We can white label the SeriousERP system for you, allowing for full customization of the overall look and feel.
  • Dedicated Customer Support

    24/7 Access to our highly trained Tech Support team, as well as a dedicated concierge.
  • Extreme System Security

    Hosted on highly secure private enterprise servers, not on the public cloud. Hardened Security Layers and weekly security audits.
SeriousERP phone APP

dedicated mobile app

With our easy to use app, your drivers will know exactly what to do, where to go, and what to deliver or pickup, reducing any possible mistakes. The SeriousERP app was built from the ground up with DME order fulfillment in mind.


At SeriousERP we don't just offer you an exceptional business solution, we train you to use it effectively and efficiently, ensuring you are able to enjoy all the efficiencies SeriousERP can bring to your business.

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who are we? meet the team

We are a group of technology freaks with many years of experience in the DME industry and decided it was time to improve the platforms the DME/HME industry relied on. After years of development and with the help of veterans in the DME industry, we created the only DME Software built from scratch for the DME and HME industry.

  • Serious ERP CEO
  • Orestes
  • CEO and Enterprise Software Architect. He has been coding since he was twelve years old. He has been leading technology teams for decades. His vision is helping shape the future of SeriousERP.
  • Serious ERP project manager
  • Robert
  • Project Manager and Customer Service Specialist. Highly technical individual with great team management and customer service skills.
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Raul
  • Chief Marketing Officer, he shapes the visual aspects of our marketing campaigns as well as the UX/UI of SeriousERP. He has over two decades of experience.
  • Serious ERP HR manager
  • Kenia
  • HR Manager with more than eighteen years of experience in the office management and human resources field.
  • Serious ERP dev ops engineer
  • leandro
  • DevOps Engineer. Manages the infrastructure and networking team. He is also a technology liaison for our Datacenter branch.
DME software user

    Product Master with item field definitions (number, description, UOM, QTY, detailed product specs).

    Product Instances (individual assets).

    Product warranty tracking.

    Ability to view item ledger entries to track item history.

    Integration with SeriousERP ordering systems (Rental/Sales/Purchasing) to control item stock levels.

    Integration with warehouse management system.

    Equipment maintenance history reports and automation to help you stay compliant.

    Print your own Asset Tags.


    Robust order intake system includes tools for scheduling and dispatching orders created by Customer Service Reps as well as orders placed by customers on their facility portal.

    Easily handle orders that are pending review or need pre-approval from third parties.

    Three tiers of order notation and customizable notifications.

    Multi-warehouse support means inventory is always relieved from proper warehouse location.

    Ability to modify start and stop billing dates easily with proper authorization.

    Reduce item searching with “most commonly ordered” product display functionality.

    Product substitutions for “like” equipment avoids order processing delays.

    Full self-service facility portal allows your customers to place orders, track progress and know what equipment they have rented out on patients.


    Provides complete control of order processing for Delivery, Pickup & Service orders.

    Complete order history and audit functionality.

    Ability to correct mistakes before and after the order has been completed. Order reconciliation and order exceptions system.

    Artificial intelligence helpers.


    Review, assign, prioritize and track order progress.

    Ability to check fleet & warehouse inventory levels in real-time.

    Assess driver availability, workload and route assignment.

    Idle driver alert functionality.

    Color coded order expiration functionality to alert when orders are nearing deadline.

    Ability to prioritize and change orders in real-time.

    Order history tracking.


    Multi-level requisition and purchase order system.

    Tightly integrated with an inventory control System.

    Ability to easily convert requisitions into purchase orders.

    Order inventory items, non-inventory items and disposables.


    Receipt of P.O. & items transferred from other warehouses.

    Separate tagging utility including asset & lot numbers.

    Ability to bulk tag same-type items.


    Ability to export to excel or PDF format.

    Invoice-to-email capabilities.

    Granular modification of invoice data.

    Supports billing holes, substitutions, replacements and other discount policies.

    Patient transfer, patient cloning, patient merge.

    Patient equipment switch.

    Billing holes.

    Patient transfers between facilities.

    Full auditing capabilities.


    Product maintenance tracking utility (repair, clean, test).

    Full inventory management capabilities.

    Warehouse to warehouse item transfers.

    Quick view inventory audit.


    Vehicle information tracking.

    Warranty tracking.

    Truck profile management on a per-truck or per-warehouse basis.

    Truck inventory level accountability.


    Ability to capture data and fulfill orders in the field electronically via mobile friendly web application.

    Native Android APP with integrated barcode scanning, eliminating need for extra barcode hardware

    Email and SMS text confirmations sent at different stages in the order process.

    Offline data collection mode when access to cell network is interrupted.

    Full in-field item transfer.

    Delivery report with signature capture.

    History Tracking.


    Customer access to monthly transaction data.

    Budgeted vs Actual Cost Per-Patient Day, and Fee-for-Service cost analysis.

    Multi-period financial comparisons to quickly identify trends.

    Top 10 Costliest Patients and Top 10 Costliest DME Items reports.


    Current Rentals

    Monthly Rental Activity

    Fee For Service Spending

    Approval System Reporting


    Customer Management System.

    Create and modify customers with all relevant information.

    Ability to have parent companies with branches.

    Create, copy or inherit contract data to quickly add customer contracts.

    Robust Customer Contract Management system with price-per-day (PPD), fee-for-service, rentals, sales, min/max rentals, risk caps, and discounts.


    Complete access to patient information for authorized users.

    Wizard driven patient creation tool.

    Detailed patient record.

    Patient merge, transfer and cloning tools


    Intuitive dashboard that grants technicians dynamic access to open, completed and canceled orders.

    Easy to use truck inventory screen with truck profile display.

    Interface to load and unload truck with either the web or mobile APPs.


    Scheduling system for drivers allowing management to quickly change tech assignments.

    Integration with order management system for dispatching to available technicians.